Indications for  psychotherapy
Education and work

My experience includes work in public institutions and private clinics (The Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry, Main Military Burdenko Hospital, the international  rehab centers, first Mindfiullness Clinic Startup in Russia, Institute of Physical Rehabilitation, etc.).


I have been working in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy since 2003, during this time I succeeded in helping hundreds of patients to recover their health and to increase quality of life, and also to solvage a marriage. 


I got diplomas with honors graduated from the leading universities of Russia, studied in Germany (University of Marburg), I was the winner of federal and international grants. I had a short-term training and I participated in summer schools in the leading Universities of Europe and represenred my country on EFPT for 3 years. 

You are depressed, feel that your life is not pleasure any more, you have less energy and you began feel tired more often


You endure crisis in family life, you and your partner became foreign people or, on the contrary, you don't manage to construct and maintain close relations


Health has already started to disturb you, there is short wind, heartbeat, reddening of skin, perspiration, panic attacks


The  quality of sexual life worsened, you feel decrease in a sexual desire, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, problems with an ejaculation and an orgasm, painful penetration, porn addiction, sexual depencdence etc


Life has lost its taste and sense, the mood is reduced or fluctuates;

Your working and creative activity has really changed, your procrastination bothers you


You are very anxious and avoid public performance,  negative assessment,  mistakes and failures, you are too worried about health or death


You have difficulties in falling asleep, frequent and early awakenings or you sleep too much


You take too much alcohol or your relatives say that you have problems with alcohol


You plan pregnancy, doctors don't see any problems with health, but pregnancy doesn't come

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How to secure yourself from incompetent people, from their inept or even dangerous introduction into the most intimate spheres of your life?

How to make the right choice in such conditions to keep own energy, time and money, to strengthen health and to become happier?


Pay attention to the following:


1. Psychoterapist's certificate

In Russia the psychotherapy is a medical specialty which demands professional retraining (about 4 months) after the graduation from medical institute (6 years) and internships on psychiatry (2 years). It lasts at least 12 years, including studying in other directions of medicine, obligatory work in mental hospital and only after that professional retraining on psychotherapy. Ideally after obtaining the certificate training has to go deeper within the chosen direction and last for the rest of the life. ​


2. The psychologist diploma of the university with a high rating

If you have symptoms of a disease which you want to get rid of, it is better to trust the expert with deep knowledge in psychiatry (psychotherapists or clinical psychologists). ​


3. Evidence based treatment

For the majority of cases CBT, SFT, DBT, MBSR, which is the most examined, reliable and popular in today's world, showed it's efficiency.


4. Continuous training and scientific activity 

Continuous training, publications in scientific magazines, participation in the international conferences, an academic degree, teaching activity are indirect signs of the fact that the specialist updates his knowledge and is capable to process information quickly and effectively


5. Implementation of the international standards of education in psychotherapy

In Russia there are no united standards on quality control and practice of training neither for psychotherapists, nor for psychologists yet. That's why it is better to rely on the European and American standards.

In each modality there are standards on a number of training hours, personal therapy, work with clients and supervizion.

The other important, but not obligatory criterion is personal therapy (the psychotherapist himself gets the therapy as a client). Usually about 250-300 hours of personal therapy are required.


6. Recommendations

If you have a choice, it is better to visit those specialist who have already helped your  acquaintances and which are recommended by people, competent in medicine/psychotherapy/psychology.


7. Love to the work

The last, but not the least! The love to work gives serious advantage to the specialist in any area because it is a natural source of motivation for development, training and readiness for life long work. The person filled with love to own work is less tired, hardly ever burns out, feels better, work and comes home in a  better mood .




How to find a good psychotherapist in Moscow


I am a medical doctor, psychotherapist, sex therapist using evidence based treatments in accordence to the leading world guidelines. I have over 12 years' scientific and educational international experience.


I`m a certified in the field of psychiatry, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, sexology and professional mediation. 


I can help you in case of a depression, anxiety, psychosomatic diseases, borderline personality disorder (BPD), infertility, family conflicts, sexual dysfunctions. I`m interested in difficult cases that need careful application of the best world practices. 


In my work I apply methods of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), schema therapy (SFT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) etc. Several times a month I participate in intervisions and supervisions with leading experts in the respective directions. 


I speak  English fluently.


I am the member of several Russian and European professional communities.


I like to see the noticeable improvements of client`s quality of life meeting by meeting.