Amina Nazaralieva


Sex therapy therapist, sexologist

Professional mediator


Evidence based psychotherapy for better quality of life

Specialist areas


Evidence based psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, communication training 


Individual psychotherapy (psychosomatic medicine, depression, anxiety, fears, social anxiety, sleep disturbances, panic disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc)


sexology (individual therapy, sex therapy, couples therapy of erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, loss of sexual desire)


family therapy, communication training, mediation (alternative dispute resolution)


psychotherapy in complex treatment of infertility, asthma, digestive difficulties, skin problems and neurodermatitis, hyperhidrosis, idiopathic scoliosis.

Work experience

Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Co-founder 

2016 - present


Mental Health Center, LTD 

Counseling in cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic family therapy, sexology


2011 - 2015


Private Practice

Counseling in cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic family therapy, sexology


Chair of Sexology Section

2016 - present


ACBT (Association of Cognitive Behavioral  Therapists), Russian Branch of EABCT 




2014 - 2015


Psychotherapist Physical Rehabilitation Institute

Individual and family psychotherapy as part of complex treatment of idiopathic scoliosis



2013 - 2015


Dr. Babin Psychotherapy Center

Individual, couples and family therapy, sex therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, schema-therapy, hypnotherapy, perinatal psychology



2010 - 2011


Health Management System

Head of psychosomatic department at VIP medical cervices center


Research Director

2008 - 2009


Dr.Vorobiev International Addiction Rehab

Buisness developement, marketing, negotioating with business partners, oral translation, participation in conferences,  implementation of new treatment methods, literature review, collaboration with European, Asian and American researchers, representatives and medical personel, launching offices in Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates


Junior Research Assistant

2007 - 2008


Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry

Medical statistics department


Clinical research coordinator

2006 - 2009

Main Military Bourdenko Hospital

International, multicentral, randomized, double-blinded clinical trial of atypical antipsychotic


Psychiatric trainee

2005 - 2007


Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry

Affective disorder unit, first psychotic episode unit, dispensary, epilepsy department and sexual pathology unit


2003 - 2006


Main Military Bourdenko Hospital

Department of psychiatry





Emergency Sklifosofsky Institute

Department of polytrauma

International training


EFPT Exchange

Maudsley Simulation, NHS, King's College, London, UK 


EFPT Exchange

Willow Grove Adolescent Services

St Patrick's University Hospital

Trinity College Dublin




EFPT Exchange

Psychiatric crisis center

University Hospital Centre Rijeka




EFPT Exchange

Systemic family therapy of eating disorder

Sao Joao Hospital

University of Porto




ECNP Oxford summer school

St.Catherine’s College

University of Oxford




Berlin summer school ‘Psychiatry as a science'

Humboldt State University




Maudsley Forum

Institute of psychiatry

King’s College

University of London




DAAD Exchange student 

Philipps University Marburg




Community membership


ECNP (European college of neuropsychopharmacology)


EFPT (European Federation of all Psychiatric trainees) 


ACBT (Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists), Chair of Sexology section


AKPP (Association of Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy)


RPA (Russian Psychotherapy Association)


ROP (Russian Society of Psychiatrists)

Academic honors 


Diploma with honors

Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education 



Diploma with honors

Moscow State University for Psychology and Education 



Diploma with honors

Moscow Medical Academy 



Award holder

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 


Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education



Retraining in medical sexology


Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

2011 - 2013


Retraining in clinical psychology


Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education
Retraining in psychotherapy 
Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry

2005 - 2007


Residence in psychiatry


Moscow Medical Setchenow Academy
2000 - 2005
Medical student


Advanced training
The Linehan Institute Institute, USA

2015 - 2016 


Online DBT training 

Schema Therapy Institute Midwest, Indianapolis, USA

2012 - present


Schema therapy for borderline personality disorder 


Institute of Perinatal Psychology

2012 - present


Advanced training in perinatal psychology, pregnancy and delivery 

management, early childhood psychology, infertility and psychosomatic 

disorders of reproductive system


Kirov Institute of Practical Psychology

2011 - 2012


Advanced training in Professional Mediation


All-Russian Professional Psychotherapy League

2011 - 2013


Advanced training in Systemic Family Therapy


Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry

2010 - 2011


Advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy


Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry

2005 - 2006


Advanced training in hypnotherapy




Russian Native C2

English Fluent B2/C1

German Basic A2


Schema Therapy Institute Midwest, Indianapolis. USA

Personal Therapy 

Over 100 hours 

2010 - present

2010 - present